Topical Group on Statistical and Non Linear Physics Real Sociedad Espa�ola de Física imagen1 Structure of the beta-amiliod protein, responsible of degenerative diseases of the nervous system such as Parkinson and sclerosis. imagen2 Vectorial and scalar topological defects in the vector complex Ginzburg-Landau equation. Vectorial defects are surrounded by large domains while scalar defects accumulate at domain borders. imagen3 Exitable chemical reaction in a fluid stirred by a chaotic open flow. The figure shows the activator spatial distribution from a computer simulation of the process. When leaving the system, the substance traces filaments on top of the 'unstable manifold of the chaotic saddle', a fractal region produced by the fluid flow. imagen4 Complex networks allow us to represent the interactions in a complex system. For the brain functional network displayed in the figure, nodes represent small voxels of the brain, while the links indicate when two voxels are related functionally.  



The Statistical Physics Conference has been held every year and a half since 1987, year in which took place the first meeting in Barcelona. Since 1996 this Conference is also known as FisEs.

EditionPlace and Date
IFísica Estadística'87 Barcelona, May 1987
IIFísica Estadística'88 Palma de Mallorca, September 1988
IIIFísica Estadística'90 Badajoz, May 1990
IVFísica Estadística'91 Gijón, September 1991
VFísica Estadística'93 El Escorial, May 1993
VIFísica Estadística'94 Sevilla, October 1994
VIIFísica Estadística, FisEs'96 Zaragoza, May 1996
VIIIFísica Estadística, FisEs'97 Getafe, September 1997
IXFísica Estadística, FisEs'99 Santander, May 1999
XFísica Estadística, FisEs'00 Santiago de Compostela, September 2000
XIFísica Estadística, FisEs'02Tarragona, May 2002
XIIFísica Estadística, FisEs'03 Pamplona, October 2003
XIIIFísica Estadística, FisEs'05 Madrid, June 2005
XIVFísica Estadística, FisEs'06 Granada, September 2006
XVFísica Estadística, FisEs'08Salamanca, March 2008
XVIFísica Estadística, FisEs'09Huelva, September 2009
XVIIFísica Estadística, FisEs'11 Barcelona, June 2011
XVIIIFísica Estadística, FisEs'12 Palma, October 2012
XIXFísica Estadística, FisEs'14 Ourense, April 2014
XXFísica Estadística, FisEs'15 Badajoz, October 2015
XXIFisica Estadistica, FisEs'17 Sevilla, March 2017
XXIIFisica Estadistica, FisEs'18 Madrid, October 2018
XXIIIFisica Estadistica, FisEs'22 Zaragoza, Mayo 2022